Divine Intelligence

Sure thing, not everything is supposed to go as planned. And yes, I am quite sure that a lot of things that happen are not planned by any divine being whatsoever. Still it makes me curious. What if everything that happens is just another by-product of something bigger. Something I just can’t put my finger on.

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Resignation of consciousness

Choices of becoming what seems to be,
ignoring facts and borders.
What has become will never see,
slowly fading orders.

The child must whisper and learn to cope,
whatever happens there on after.
a world of pain and without hope,
Shall end in God his laughter.


Am I

Am I worthy of love. Am I, compared to everything vivid, equal to what everybody desires.  Is there a small hint of good, or am I just like the thing I did not want to become. Am I a liar, or do I just perceive things differently. Nevertheless whatever I do makes me in to who I am. Or am I nothing more than just a question mark on a dry piece of land called Loneliness.

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Although dreams may or may not come to anyone, I believe it to be a reflection of a hard days work, a glimpse of a possible future or a hard punch to the face back to reality. Apart from all this; dreams can also be something you believe in, something you want to achieve.

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An introduction

Lets be real honest, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. What would be an appropriate thing to write about? Why am I even starting this blog? Is it because of the feeling that I want to put something down just so I can set my mind straight. Or maybe it’s just another way for me to leave my footprint on the everlasting resource of information that is called the Internet.

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