Divine Intelligence

Sure thing, not everything is supposed to go as planned. And yes, I am quite sure that a lot of things that happen are not planned by any divine being whatsoever. Still it makes me curious. What if everything that happens is just another by-product of something bigger. Something I just can’t put my finger on.

I am no believer myself. I am a profound human being that believes in the creation by natural and artificial selection. Still, there is always a hint of hope that all things bad happening to me and the people around me are not because I am a social or extracurricular fuck up, but just because someone – or something – wants it to happen. It is a thing that we as humans have always done, and probably always will. When the clouds were turning dark and the sound of thunder came to be it was Thor who was smashing his almighty hammer angrily. When you fell in love and accidentally hurt people close to you it was Cupid with his magical arrows of love. When we were nothing more but a big pile sinner and needed redemption there was Jezus, who was the son of The divine creator of worlds, who died for us just so we could feel a little better about every evil and bad thing we supposedly did.

I am having a lot of trouble believing any of this just because everything is just too vague for me to wrap my head around. Yet again I do understand why people believe in certain things. Life is so much easier when you can just blame something bigger that is so vague, so old and so internationally acknowledged that it will be like an auto-pilot for everything you don’t understand or don’t want to blame yourself for.

An atheist people call me, even though I am not. Agnostic would be a better description of me. I believe in the things that can be proven and that the things that can’t be proven are a matter of speculation. I wont blame or try to explain things that can’t be understood as a product of something bigger. There is a possibility that there indeed is something. Can I prove it? No I can not and that is the exact reason why I will always keep in mind that there indeed can be something. But if there is one thing that I shall never do than that would be trying to explain things by referring to religion.

I am just so sick of people being too lazy and not adventurous enough to think for themselves. I am so sick of people blaming something else. Yes I can be an asshole, yes I can be a total dick just because I speak before I think, yes there is hunger and death everywhere we look, but all that is on me, on us.

Why can’t we just see ourselves as gods. Take a look at the world, our creation, and think: ‘If I were something divine what could I possibly do to make my creations better?’. Stop blaming and get to work. Dreams only come true when you work hard enough.



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