Although dreams may or may not come to anyone, I believe it to be a reflection of a hard days work, a glimpse of a possible future or a hard punch to the face back to reality. Apart from all this; dreams can also be something you believe in, something you want to achieve.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.  – Colin Powell

I am a dreamer. I dream days on end. Thinking about what could be and what should be. There are no restrictions to the imagination and that is a thing I love about dreaming. If it be whilst sleeping or your deepest and darkest desire. The beautiful thing about dreaming is that it takes you somewhere. If a human doesn’t dream then there will be no purpose to what he or she wants to achieve.

I believe that people who dream and are constantly busy with carrying out  what they want to achieve will become more successful than someone with no ambition at all. You can have the highest degrees, but without ambition and a rich fantasy there shall be no success.

Ambition is very important too. There are so many people dreaming of becoming something that they will never become just because of the simple fact that they are not willingly enough to create opportunities for them self. Ambition is essential. It is the key to being wherever you want to be in life.

For example. I have always been a dreamer but did not have much ambition and determination. I could think about the same stuff for days, maybe even weeks. Since a couple of months ago I started to change. I could not bear the idea of not doing the things that I wanted to do the most. Traveling, meeting people and tasting history and culture have been dreams of mine since I was little. Also I’ve always wanted to learn a different language. These were all dreams.

Now I am in my last year of community college and working my ass off just so I can make these dreams come true, I am willing to commit to the cause. I am ready to do what I’ve always wanted. Making dreams come true takes time, hard work and a lot of sweat, but in the end it pays off so damn well.

Follow your dreams, aim high and never stop dreaming. One day you’ll get there, I’m sure of it.



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